What Sets Us Apart

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional customer service, but at the same time you deserve to have a beautiful, spectacular smile that will last a lifetime! Dr. Kuruvadi and all the team at Orthodontics Unlimited are focused on building relationships with patients and are always willing to go the extra mile to meet patient needs.

We are always available for our patients. Day or night, weekend or holiday, we are here to serve you. Our office staff is friendly and offers unmatched customer service. We are patient-oriented and look forward to every smile that becomes part of the tapestry of our lives through superior quality orthodontic treatments and care.

In summary, here are few reasons to get started on your treatment with Dr. Kuruvadi and his associates:

  1. Dr. Kuruvadi graduated from dental school at age 21, became an orthodontist at the age of 23, and graduated in 1995 from his orthodontic residency, which made him the “youngest orthodontist” in the country to ever graduate with his full training. Dr. Kuruvadi was first place in his class throughout his school years, and earned the highest honors in dental and orthodontic societies.
  2. We value your time greatly. Our time is not more important than yours, and we will work our hardest to accommodate your busy schedule. We take most insurance plans and are open two Saturdays out of the month, from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, so kids do not have to miss school and parents do not have to miss work. Most of the orthodontists in the area do not work on Saturdays!
  3. Dr. Kuruvadi himself is fluent in Spanish, so Hispanic parents can ask questions and address concerns directly to him.
  4. You do not have to travel to Beverly Hills or New York to find a World Class Orthodontist. Dr. Kuruvadi is a leader in his profession and most of the dentists, doctors, attorneys, engineers, elite professionals, etc., in the area come themselves or bring their kids to get orthodontic treatment with Dr. Kuruvadi. Due to his excellent reputation in the San Diego area, most of the dentists prefer to refer their patients to Dr. Kuruvadi.
  5. Dr. Kuruvadi has been practicing orthodontics in the San Diego area for 22+ years. He treats very severe cases of skeletal malocclusion (“bad bites”), including cleft palate, skeletal open bites, skeletal overbites/underbites, etc., and works in coordination with most Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons in San Diego. Dr. Kuruvadi has successfully treated more than 14,000 cases of orthodontics!
  6. Our office is extremely reasonable and flexible in working out payment plans, so anybody can afford to get orthodontic treatment. We offer $500 down payments or no down payment for people with good credit.
  7. We provide metal, clear, colored, and gold-plated braces, and Invisalign® aligners. Dr. Kuruvadi’s objective is to make the orthodontic experience as much fun as possible, so kids are motivated, happy, and cooperate with the treatment. Recently, we added the new braces system, which come in the shape of hearts, flowers, or stars for patients who ask for them!


Our analogy: If somebody needed a major surgery in your family, would you go with the best surgeon in the city or with the cheapest? Your Hollywood smile constructed by Dr. Kuruvadi will be seen and appreciated by you and others for the rest of your life. It takes lots of talent, dedication and artistry, so go with the best orthodontist in San Diego!

Our office is designed to offer you all the comfort of your home. We want you to be comfortable in this environment and even to look forward to your appointments.

To spice things up, we have our own “Wheel of Fortune.” Everyone gets a prize, and we do have a jackpot, which has been a bicycle in the past. We also hold raffles for prizes like iPads, and if chance isn’t your thing, we reward patients for maintaining good oral hygiene, making appointments consecutively, and following the doctor’s instructions for treatments.

We value your time. We schedule your appointments so you can see us without sacrificing your life outside our office. Early-morning appointments before school and work hours are available. We also open our doors two Saturdays every month.

Finally, your first consultation is on us, because we value your time. We invite parents and patients new to our practice to explore all treatment options offered here.

Wide Variety of Treatments

Dr. Kuruvadi has extensive training and experience with braces and other appliances. Though many offices are familiar with the standard metal variety of braces, we are competent and able to provide ceramic braces and even invisible aligners that are far less noticeable.

Furthermore, in our office we are interested in how our treatment can make a difference in your life. We personalize all treatments so you get what you need. We also take time to explain all the reasons, pros, and cons. We always recommend what we believe to be best, and we wait on proceeding with treatments until we are certain you are as confident going forward as we are.

Flexible Financing

Because your oral health is essential and you should not be limited due to income, we have developed numerous financial options to aid you in obtaining the orthodontic treatment you need.

  • Major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • In-office payment plans in which you can start by making a down payment and pay the rest through an interest-free monthly payment plan. There is no credit check to worry about holding up your payments.
  • Five percent discount for payments in full
  • Financing available through CareCredit

For further information about our flexible financial arrangements, please call (619) 425-1554 (Chula Vista office) or (619) 442-4141 (El Cajon office).

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